Back before they patched the time zone “glitch”


Does Pokemon need gating? Yes. Was needing HM slaves a good way of gating? Fuck no.And the “you don believe games are art” part of the argument is an absolute garbage argument and a complete non sequitor. That is like saying “You believe you can subtract the same number from both sides of an equation? That means you don believe in math.” Both erroneous and a conclusion drawn from no relevant information.Just because a designer thinks things should be one way does not mean it is the best choice by any stretchWell the problem as I see it is that the entire video game world is fictional.

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Fake Hermes Bags 12 points submitted 3 days agoI want to say the 2018 Cheez It (“Cheez INT”) Bowl, but honestly if Cal would have won that game, it probably be one of my all time favorites. But I was filled with existential dread the entire game, and it hurt to watch. I remember there was a minute left in the half and I was thinking “I seen enough of this offense to know there no way we scoring a touchdown (or FG) with a minute left, I should head to the bathroom before it gets packed at halftime.” I in the bathroom, and I hear “[Cal offensive player] with the tackle.” Ah shit, another interception? Now I have to rush back to make sure TCU doesn score before half.This is one of those games where I don know if it was the worst game ever or the best game ever.golden_fli 219 points submitted 8 days agoJust to be clear for those who aren in to College Football it used to be D1a and D1aa Fake Hermes Bags.